ATTENTION: Frustrated Self-Published Authors
Get Reviewers Selling Your Book for You with the ‘Get Your Book Noticed Kit'


Dear Self-Published Author,
No doubt you've given many, many months to creating your book. Now you’re 
wondering how to get it noticed by the public, the media, retailers, agents, TV
and radio producers, bookstore buyers and librarians.
You are not alone!
Don't Drown in the Sea of Published Books
Did you know?  A new book is added to Amazon’s sales list of 3 million books 
every five minutes.  And, for every shelf-space in bookstores a thousand titles 
are competing for that tiny spot.
Of the 1 million books published each year in the US 50% 
(approx 500,000) are by self-published authors.
That’s some pretty stiff competition, right?


Your book is like a tiny shell among a million others, some much prettier or larger, all 
waiting to be picked from the shoreline by a passing stranger.

That’s why most self-published authors typically sell less than
250 copies of their book.
We think that’s a pretty poor return on investment for your time, cash, sweat and 
backbreaking writing work, right?
As you begin to see what a ‘small fish’ you are in the publishing world, you might 
be asking . . .
“Can I really compete with the ‘big fish’ and earn a living selling my book?”
Here's how . . .


Get Your Book Noticed
Self-published author, Gemini Adams, used the ‘Get Your Book Noticed Kit’ to 
successfully get over 300 Top Amazon, YouTube and Blog reviews for her book, 
The Facebook Diet.
Want to know what happened next . . .

Get Your Book Noticed

The reviews were just the spark that lit the fire. The Facebook Diet ‘got noticed’ by 
Amazon, by buyers, by the media and here’s what happened:
  • TV producers called from NBC’s The Today Show and Reuters for live interviews — these were syndicated globally.
  • Hundreds of magazines and online media outlets featured the book in articles, giveaways and features, including: The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, Marketing Magazine, Female First, Campus Circle, Geek Magazine, Family Health and Wellness, Take a Break, Social Media Week and many others.
  • Distributors started selling the book in multiple territories; Canada, USA, UK and Europe.
  • Amazon highlighted the book in their ‘holiday special’ email to customers.
  • High-street retailers, college bookstores, specialty and gift stores all started ordering the book.
  • Foreign publishers emailed asking to buy the foreign rights.
  • The book ‘sold out’ and became a No 1 Amazon Bestseller.

These reviews not only helped sell the book, they developed Gemini’s platform, gave 
her new opportunities and resulted in agents calling to represent her next book.

This success story could so easily be you. But first you need to know how to . . .

Compete with the Publishing 'Big Fish'
With millions of dollars behind them, the ‘big fish’ think nothing of spending $3,000 to
$30,000 a month on a PR or marketing campaign to successfully sell their books.
They have a huge team of skilled staff, and the reputation to easily secure national 
media coverage and reviews in the trade press — Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus, 
Booklist — a result that guarantees book sales.
The ‘big fish’ also pay thousands to submit their books to the exclusive Vine Voice
program of Top Amazon customers whose written reviews are followed by thousands.

They know that these build credibility and get the ‘buzz’ going long before a book 
even comes out.

Vine Voice Review
The traditional publishers have it made. Sadly, you don’t.
However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big splash just because you’re 
a ‘small fish’ 
High impact marketing doesn’t have to be high budget. Not all of the ‘big fish’ 
invest solely in PR or marketing campaigns either.
But, there is one thing they always do.


Use the Secret Power of Book Reviews
The ‘big fish’ know it’s not just any reviewer with the secret power to sell books, 
that's why they spend thousands to be in the exclusive Vine Voice program, so 
they can send their books to the most influential Amazon reviewers.

Why do they pay thousands to reach the inbox of Amazon’s Top reviewers?
Because Amazon is the largest e-tailer in the world serving 
137 million customers weekly.
The ‘big fish’ know that Amazon reviewers are a trusted source for unbiased reviews 
in the publishing world.

They also submit books to the Top YouTube and book review Bloggers knowing just 
how much influence they have in our internet focused world.
Which is a lot.  Far more than old-fashioned print reviews now have.

Online reviewers really get your book noticed as they  . . .
  • Have hundreds of thousands of followers who are book lovers and can’t wait to  discover the next best thing — your book.
  • Get posted on social media feeds — Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and their websites, blogs, Good Reads — where they get seen by thousands of followers.
  • Are considered a ‘trusted source’ by industry buyers; agents, bookstore owners, librarians and the public.
  • Get read over and over and over again.
  • Are ‘searchable’ meaning that if someone types a relevant word into Google, your book and its reviews pop up in the results.
  • NEVER get recycled or thrown in the trash, once you’ve got one it’s forever!
  • Mean Amazon start to engage their marketing engine, so your book gets higher visibility in the worlds biggest virtual bookstore.
  • Are a free advert for your book.
  • Get the media buzzing and calling ‘you’ rather than you calling ‘them.’
  • Show the book meets industry standards and is a quality product.
  • Reach far and wide as many online book retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, Powell’s and libraries pull their book reviews from Amazon.
  • Act as virtual word of mouth establishing confidence for potential buyers.
  • Spread awareness of ‘you’ and the book to new territories.
  • Convince agents, buyers, distributors and publishers that your book is a winner!
Yep, the lasting benefits of book reviews make for a super long list!
That’s why the ‘big fish’ know the ‘secret’ to effective book promotion is lots and 
lots of online reviews. Because reviews get books noticed.


Easily Reach the Most Influential Reviewers
  • So, you’ll want to know . . . How to reach these influential Amazon reviewers, right?
  • Their name and email address, their preferred genre, whether they want ebooks or paperbacks and how to submit to them for review, right?
  • How to craft a powerful email so they ‘bite’ for your book and then go on to write a positive review, right?
  • And, what to send these reviewers to get the best review possible, right?
We thought so. 

Here’s the bad news.
As an indie publisher or self-published author, even if you could afford the thousand
dollar price tag, you don’t have access to the Vine Voice program of Top Amazon 
reviewers. It’s exclusively for traditional publishers.
Fear not, there is good news.


Get Reviewers to Notice Your Book
At Finish Your Book we understand the plight of self-published authors, because
we've been helping them successfully write, publish and promote their books for 
And, that’s why we've spent months creating the ‘Get Your Book Noticed Kit’ an 
easy-to-use online database providing you with exclusive access to the contact
information and submission preferences of the 550 reviewers, including:
The Top 400 Amazon book reviewers — yes, the ones who are in the exclusive 
   Vine Voice program that only traditional publishers can normally access!
The 100 most active Blog book reviewers who post reviews daily or 2 -3 times
   a week and get thousands of hits on their sites.
The Top 50 YouTube video book reviewers — who have thousands of avid fans 
   following their ‘book haul’ and ‘book giveaway’ shows.


For each of the 550 reviewer entries in the ‘Get Your Book Noticed Kit’ you have 
instant access to their:

• Name
• Email address
• Preferred genre
• Preferred interests
• Preference for fiction (11%), non-fiction (19%) or both (50%)
• Number of followers/visitors/subscribers
• Links to social media accounts, blog or website
• Link to Amazon/YouTube or Good Reads profile
This means you can submit your book right into the inbox of 550 reviewers who are 
actively seeking books to write and post reviews on the two most visited websites 
on the internet — YouTube, Amazon — and hundreds of book bloggers and Good
Reads pages. 
Why is that so important?
Because, self-published genre fiction books account for 40%, and 
self-published non-fiction eBooks for 46% of Amazon’s daily sales.
Quite simply, if you're not getting noticed on Amazon you aren't in the game!

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Get Them Excited About Reviewing Your Book
With the ‘Get Your Book Noticed Kit’ we’ve done our best to make this super easy:
1. We’ve clearly identified the required genre so you can match your book to the
    reviewers preferences so you won’t waste time or money sending books that 
    will get rejected.
2. We guarantee they want to review paperback and/or eBooks.
3. We’ve identified the other book promotion activities the reviewers do,
    including author interviews, book giveaways and contests.
4. We know they’ll post the review of your book on Amazon, YouTube, their 
    blog or website, and share it with thousands of followers on their Good 
    Reads page, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed.
5. They are actively interested in you submitting to them for review.

So, how do you get the reviewers on your side?

Really Get The Reviewers On Your Side
We’ve made that easy, too.

In the ‘Get Your Book Noticed Kit’ we've added an extra special bonus product, the 
'How to Get Reviewers on Your Side Guide which gives you simple, step-by-step 
instructions on how to: 

1. Craft a powerful email to ensure reviewers excitedly ‘bite’ for your book 
    and then go on to write a positive review.
2. Create and send reviewers the right PR and pitch materials to increase your
    chances to get the best review possible.
3. Follow-up successfully, encouraging them to share it with a huge audience 
of followers and subscribers.
4. Use your reviews to stimulate media buzz, to engage and grow your own social
media following and to get noticed by agents, producers and book buyers.

To start the reviewers raving today and get results that ripple on and on, just 
download the 'Get Your Book Noticed Kit' with our *Exclusive Offer* - get the kit for
 just $149 until midnight on the 8th February 2016.

Normal retail price is $499 - SAVE $350 with this offer for the next 7 days only!
Just click the  'Buy Now' button to pay with Paypal or credit card..

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As soon as your Paypal payment is authorized, we will email you a link to 
access the kit instantly.

P.S. Just think about seeing those reviews rolling in - there's no better feeling
       in the world!

Any questions, please email: or visit us

(C) 2015 by Live Consciously Publishing, Ltd.  All rights reserved.


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